The on MacOS doesn’t delete emails immediately. It marks them with the deleted flag instead while keeping them in the folder until they are expunged – which happens for example when you quit This is standard way according to the IMAP RFC’s. It’s just that some other email clients […]

Fix for emails deleted via MacOS Email app still visible ...

Xmarks is basically the only software offering cross platform cross browser bookmark sync. Since the transfer to LastPass there probably won’t be any more updates to the Android version of Xmarks. The “latest version” is to this day exactly 5 years old. The 5 year old apk comes with a […]

Patch Xmarks for Android to get ActionBar with menu

This is a short how to on limiting incoming access to your router running TomatoUSB to a range of IP addresses only (can be whole country etc.). The first catch is that the list of IP addresses can be rather long and you may not be able store that directly […]

TomatoUSB: Limit/whitelist incoming access to a single country

It’s tempting to get rid of Apache HTTP Server and replace even WebDAV serving using nginx instead. Nginx clearly states that they only support subset of methods required for fully compliant DAV server. Additional module nginx-dav-ext-module solves it, but only partially. Even when properly configured, I wasn’t able to write any […]

Do not set up WebDAV server using nginx

Xiaomi USB Type-C to HDMI Multifunction Adapter (at is a great alternative to the USB-C Digital AV Multiport Adapter from Apple. Why choose Xiaomi instead of Apple? It’s just $30-$35 instead of $79 It’s smaller because the USB-C port is on the other side than the HDMI and USB-A ports […]

Xiaomi USB-C to HDMI adapter review

Latest versions of TouchWiz on Samsung Galaxy S7 doesn’t look bad. At least it’s mostly consistent. However I would prefer to have more stock Android looks and colors at least in the notification panel. I’m not a big fan of the white design of notification panel (especially since it’s on […]

Comparing material design themes (stock Android/AOSP) for TouchWiz

The stock USB-C power adapter for Macbook 12 (2015/2016) charges 2.0A at 14.5V (29W) (while it also supports output of 2.4A at 5.2V). The Macbook battery is 41Wh (or 39Wh for the older model) so the charging time is around 2 hours.

Charging Macbook 12 with Xiaomi powerbanks

Again, the lack or proper scaling support ruins the fun of having high resolution display to enjoy detailed video. The media controls just don’t scale at all. Doesn’t anyone care? Ok, at least with VLC, it will be fixed in version 3.0.

Windows 10: Even the most popular video players scale poorly

So the “Default Programs” and “Devices” are just specific pages in the system Settings but I still don’t understand why the icons need ho use the blue background color. Just use any color you want but please make it at least consistent.

Windows 10: Settings vs Defender inconsistent icons