Fix server boot stuck at Intel Reference Code Execution 02 4

Even without anything other than reinstalling OS from provider templates and custom kickstart file, few Microtic servers managed to get into a state when every other boot ended up stuck at this screen.

PEI-Intel Reference Code Execution 02


I didn’t find any memory issues. Since reboot != poweoff & poweron so an actual shutdown an power on a minute later fixed later server reboots. Just like a good old desktop.

Update: It was hw – bad RAM modules.

Update 2: Or maybe not, I have no freakin’ idea…

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4 thoughts on “Fix server boot stuck at Intel Reference Code Execution 02

  • Chris

    This isn’t bad RAM. I have the same problem on two servers. When I try to restart them they get stuck on “Intel Reference Code Execution 02”. The only way to restart the server without getting this error is to power off and on again. One thing I haven’t tried yet is to update the firmware. I’m trying that next.

  • James

    Seeing this issue on a fair number of servers. A BIOS update seems to help 99% of the time. If you just want to bring the server back online a hard reboot/power cycle should bring it up.