Here’s idea: Make the tooltip position in taskbar (on Windows 10) consistent. Ok, so maybe the “Network” and “Volume” are behaving differently because they can be collapsed among other hidden icons, but really? That’s the reason?

Windows 10: You never know where tooltip pops up

Two years ago I bought Anker extended battery for Samsung Galaxy S5. I used it during few longer trips while I kept it stored and checked it every 6 months when not used. Yet after two years the battery expanded…

Anker: Extended battery that also expands

“Compact Volume Panel” is one of many features/tweaks in my Xposed module (since version 0.4.3 this tweaks is compatible with TouchWiz devices running Android 6.0). This particular tweak trims down the size of the system volume panel. As you can see on the screenshot of Youtube (before and after), it gets rid […]

All My… (Xposed Tweaks) feature: Compact Volume Panel

Every Android device since version 5.0 has native support for “Do not Disturb” mode (sometimes also called Interruptions/Down time/Priority mode or Zen mode in source code). With the current version of OxygenOS, OnePlus 3 is probably the first device that comes with crippled DnD: If you use Google backup/restore to […]

OnePlus 3 has extra hardware button, so they removed scheduled ...

Just as it wasn’t enough that some devices come with two year update support, other with only one year and some do not receive single bump in Android version. Even buying the top of the line device doesn’t guarantee anything. Samsung two year old flagship (Galaxy S5) received updates from Android 4.4.2 […]

Features come, features go

I finally gave in and installed Truecaller as I wanted to avoid all those annoying telemarketers. I registered with my phone number, enabled blocking of “spammers” and disabled features I didn’t feel like I needed. The next day I received my first notification reminding me something about Truecaller. The day […]

Truecaller: Replacing one kind of marketing spam with another

Some times I look at CPU benchmarks trying to understand how fast all the new hardware is. My understanding is that benchmarks try to plot the marks in a linear way so regular Joe understands what speed to expect (say how fast will apps compile).

Making (non)sense of CPU benchmarks

If the latest leaks of iPhone 7 diagrams are real, iPhones will be still stucked with their Lightning connector. USB-C port is slightly wider than Lightning port. Based on the measurements, it should be Lightning. Too bad, it would be nice to charge both phones and laptops with single connector.

No USB-C on iPhone 7