The few versions of NZBGet and SABnzbd apks for Android I tried were either not fully functioning or outdated. Termux I managed to compile NZBGet as package for Termux and submitted it to the app’s repository (see pull request) — let’s hope it will be included. Intil then I included […]

How to install NZBGet/SABnzbd in Termux on Android

We did explore using standard protocols in order to support third party headsets. The most natural solution would be to listen for AT+BVRA (voice recognition command), which most headsets generate after some button is held down for a couple seconds. It didn’t fit with our desired UX, though. We wanted […]

Googler explains why they created Pixel Buds

Wget works pretty good for mirroring sites. Especially since version 1.18 which introduced support for img srcset parsing (unlike httrack, which unfortunately lacks that). The trouble with wget is that it doesn’t handle gzipped responses. (Which is IMHO quite surprising in 2017.) Wget always requests not compressed data with following: […]

Gzip decompress proxy for wget (mirror/recursive download)

Google Doodles. They seem cool but they may be distracting for some. Getting Doodles also isn’t free as they can be hundreds kB in size. There was no option to disable Doodles as they are core part of Google Chrome, the “newtab-serviceworker.js”. Luckily just recently, based on some planned changes (Chromium tracking bug 583292), […]

How to disable Google Doodles in Chrome (61+)

I switched to uBlock Origin from Adblock (Plus) when I had an issue with weird long loading times of some pages. I’m not sure if it was just a temporary issue with filters but switching to uBlock Origin helped. The uBlock benchmark also confirms that – that uBlock should be very […]

uBlock Origin allows deeper filtering than Adblock (Plus)

Just like as almost everyone else, I use rsync for updating backups. However the speed of sequential write on APU2 is only 40 MB/s tops, which is less than half the speed I can reach when copying using cp to external hard drive connected via USB 3. I can get […]

Make local copy using rsync as fast as with cp

To be able to resize the root partition quickly, use LVM. The following part of kickstart configuration sets up 1 GB /boot (non-LVM) partition on /dev/sda1 and root partition on /dev/sda2 (LVM). Then anytime you increase the size of the disk (probably from some management of VM), just execute following on running […]

On thy fly resize of root volume (LVM & XFS ...

As $37.99 USD wasn’t enough, one year renewal of .COM domain is now $39.99. Subject: Important information about your domain name services Dear John Doe, You are receiving this email because you have one or more domain names registered with Network Solutions. Renewal rates for all domain registration services in your account […]

Pricey NetSol just got even more greedy

I configured my AIO router powered by CentOS using NetworkManager and firewalld as that’s the officially recommended way as of RHEL 7. Because I test various configurations, I also often restart services via “systemctl restart” to get back into safer state, eliminating runtime changes. I found issues when restarting firewalld or […]

Do NOT restart NetworkManager (or firewalld) on CentOS 7.3

The on MacOS doesn’t delete emails immediately. It marks them with the deleted flag instead while keeping them in the folder until they are expunged – which happens for example when you quit This is standard way according to the IMAP RFC’s. It’s just that some other email clients […]

Fix for emails deleted via MacOS Email app still visible ...

Xmarks is basically the only software offering cross platform cross browser bookmark sync. Since the transfer to LastPass there probably won’t be any more updates to the Android version of Xmarks. The “latest version” is to this day exactly 5 years old. The 5 year old apk comes with a […]

Patch Xmarks for Android to get ActionBar with menu

This is a short how to on limiting incoming access to your router running TomatoUSB to a range of IP addresses only (can be whole country etc.). The first catch is that the list of IP addresses can be rather long and you may not be able store that directly […]

TomatoUSB: Limit/whitelist incoming access to a single country

It’s tempting to get rid of Apache HTTP Server and replace even WebDAV serving using nginx instead. Nginx clearly states that they only support subset of methods required for fully compliant DAV server. Additional module nginx-dav-ext-module solves it, but only partially. Even when properly configured, I wasn’t able to write any […]

Do not set up WebDAV server using nginx