Google is changing the way the lock screen works on Android 12 (Pixel devices). When there are no notifications, the clock enlarges – spans to two lines, with leading zero and without without colon. OnePlus uses clock on lock screen for branding and paints leading ones in red. The Google’s […]

Reading time on Google Pixel and OnePlus is now harder ...

For a number of reasons (like differential sync, automation with triggers etc.), I still use the original KeePass 2.x (written in .NET) on all platforms, even on macOS. The best working solution for me is to run KeePass in “Wine”. On macOS Catalina/Big Sur or newer macOS’s lacking 32 bit […]

How to run KeePass on macOS 11 Big Sur

I ordered this USB powered Wifi repeater/extender from Aliexpress and it came with old Chinese firmware. You can quickly flash firmware with English translation from the official support site however it may not be always clear how to enter the management interface (thanks to mobile redirects and startup wizard). So […]

How to update firmware of Totolink EX100

The ADSL modem/router/WiFi AP Edimax AR-7286WNB allows only up to 8 connected devices at a time. That includes phones on standby. As I only use this modem rarely, it took me some time (years) to realize this limit. There never was any error in long in web admin. What angers […]

Some WiFi APs allow only as low as 8 connected ...

OxygenOS is really close to stock Android. However there are some more or less known features that are different from stock (or OS on Google Pixels) Android 10. I will only list features that are essential, deeply rooted in system and cannot be worked around without root or by installing […]

OxygenOS (OnePlus) vs AOSP (stock Android/Pixel)

As written by Phil Normandin in Editing an iOS 11 backup manually in Windows, it is possible to restore modified iOS backup. I successfully did that to modify some otherwise inaccessible files (to restore Exchange Device ID) on iOS 12.1 (using latest iTunes v12.9.1.4). In addition to Phil’s guide, there are […]

How to restore modified iOS 12 backup

For browsers running on Windows 10, Apple links only to Windows 10 version of iTunes from their site. Use the following link to download the latest installer (fully compatible with 64 bit Windows 10) directly from If anything happens and apple no longer provides download via this link, […]

Link to latest iTunes for Windows 10 from (outside ...

If you have an Android device, you can verify if your Bluetooth headphone/earphones really support all the codec they claim to have – is it really aptX, AAC, LDAC or just SBC? If not already enabled, enable Developer options in Android In Developer options, turn on “Enable Bluetooth HCI snoop […]

How to test if Bluetooth headphones use aptX or other ...

I was unable to upload any photo or video after enabling backup in the Google Photos Android app. It always stuck at “Getting ready to back up”, no matter how long I waited (10+ hours), cleared caches/data or reinstalled. First I thought It was media reencoding but actually it was […]

Fix “Getting ready to back up” in Google Photos

The few versions of NZBGet and SABnzbd apks for Android I tried were either not fully functioning or outdated. Termux I managed to compile NZBGet as package for Termux and submitted it to the app’s repository (see pull request) — let’s hope it will be included. Intil then I included […]

How to install NZBGet/SABnzbd in Termux on Android

We did explore using standard protocols in order to support third party headsets. The most natural solution would be to listen for AT+BVRA (voice recognition command), which most headsets generate after some button is held down for a couple seconds. It didn’t fit with our desired UX, though. We wanted […]

Googler explains why they created Pixel Buds

Wget works pretty good for mirroring sites. Especially since version 1.18 which introduced support for img srcset parsing (unlike httrack, which unfortunately lacks that). The trouble with wget is that it doesn’t handle gzipped responses. (Which is IMHO quite surprising in 2017.) Wget always requests not compressed data with following: […]

Gzip decompress proxy for wget (mirror/recursive download)

Google Doodles. They seem cool but they may be distracting for some. Getting Doodles also isn’t free as they can be hundreds kB in size. There was no option to disable Doodles as they are core part of Google Chrome, the “newtab-serviceworker.js”. Luckily just recently, based on some planned changes (Chromium tracking bug 583292), […]

How to disable Google Doodles in Chrome (61+)

I switched to uBlock Origin from Adblock (Plus) when I had an issue with weird long loading times of some pages. I’m not sure if it was just a temporary issue with filters but switching to uBlock Origin helped. The uBlock benchmark also confirms that – that uBlock should be very […]

uBlock Origin allows deeper filtering than Adblock (Plus)

Just like as almost everyone else, I use rsync for updating backups. However the speed of sequential write on APU2 is only 40 MB/s tops, which is less than half the speed I can reach when copying using cp to external hard drive connected via USB 3. I can get […]

Make local copy using rsync as fast as with cp