How to disable Google Doodles in Chrome (61+) 7

Google Doodles. They seem cool but they may be distracting for some. Getting Doodles also isn’t free as they can be hundreds kB in size.

There was no option to disable Doodles as they are core part of Google Chrome, the “newtab-serviceworker.js”. Luckily just recently, based on some planned changes (Chromium tracking bug 583292), in this change “Add about:flags entries for UseGoogleLocalNtp and OneGoogleBarOnLocalNtp” they added a flag that disables the NTP (New Tab Page) service worker.

As that’s a very recent change, it’s currently available only in Google Chrome 61 (Canary) and not yet in the stable version (58). If they do not change anything, it will land in stable in about 3-4 months but they can decide to merge it into stable sooner (or also later or even never – but let’s hope they code like they mean it).


Switch this settings “Enable using the Google local NTP” to “Enabled”, restart Chrome and open a new tab – Google Doodle is gone.



Update 10/2017: If your Google Chrome has additional flag “Enable doodles on the local NTP”, you might have to disable this one as well.


  • Andy

    Thank you. I and many other people are tired of the leftist propaganda that is being shoved in our faces on a daily basis. I’ve had enough of google doodles honoring everybody EXCEPT FOR white males. The overwhelming majority of scientific progress and advancement in this world came about as a direct result of white males. As far as science goes I have only seen google honor minority scientists, even though minority scientists are vastly outnumbered by white scientists. They are pushing an anti-white agenda when they intentionally minimize white achievements. The time has come for us to unite and fight back against the evil forces that are leading us towards a world without white people.

    • Jethro Caspers

      ^ what he said

    • Turulo

      I agree, it gets annoying to get all this minority propaganda shoved in your face, specially when you don’t give a crp about the skin color. You’re going to the other extreme tho.

      Now I understand why Asimov never got a doodle.

      • threni

        What exactly is “the other extreme?” This is nonsense.

  • Jethro Caspers

    I can’t thank you enough! I copypasta’d “chrome://flags/#use-google-local-ntp” into my browser bar (without the quotes) and clicked the drop down menu to ‘enable’ where it used to say ‘default’ by the way. I have no clue how to code.

  • threni

    Thank you !

  • Just_Joe

    Cool… works like a champ! (I guess if enough users pester Google enough, then sometimes they’ll eventually get around to obliging us.)