Some times I look at CPU benchmarks trying to understand how fast all the new hardware is. My understanding is that benchmarks try to plot the marks in a linear way so regular Joe understands what speed to expect (say how fast will apps compile).

Making (non)sense of CPU benchmarks

If the latest leaks of iPhone 7 diagrams are real, iPhones will be still stucked with their Lightning connector. USB-C port is slightly wider than Lightning port. Based on the measurements, it should be Lightning. Too bad, it would be nice to charge both phones and laptops with single connector.

No USB-C on iPhone 7

After a reboot from Windows 10 to (Arch) Linux, there are still traces of my Windows session accessible to linux. Just taking a plain screenshot reveals images (bottom right) from a page I was visiting in Google Chrome.

GPU remembers what you were doing

The trackpoint buttons on Lenovo laptops used to be always physical until someone figured it would be more cool to have these buttons directly on the trackpad. Hopefully the real buttons will stay.

Lenovo trackpoint buttons are physical again